Building the Future

The companies within the Santana Cazorla Group are linked by a common strategy and vision; that of maximising the synergies between the different sectors, and achieving in all of them the maximum quality, innovation and excellence for each project that is carried out and for each service that is offered.

The Group aims to:

  • continue the expansion and diversification of its business activities and continue to strengthen its solid foundations
  • maximise its potential for geographical expansion in the Iberian Peninsula, as a first step towards reaching European and International markets
  • continue to invest and expand its activities in the tourism sector
  • in the Canary Islands, continue to strengthen, consolidate and modernise its corporation, concentrating its attention on a sustainable urbanisation activity
  • contribute to the improvement of the working conditions in the community, creating new opportunities to achieve a genuinely positive impact on society
  • continue to expand its quality services within the construction sector
  • cooperate more closely with its providers, clients and competitors, to either expand the market or increase the value of the product, or to create new business relations