Creating Value for All

Today's environment is a complex one; the demand for quality, good prices and tighter deadlines constantly increasing, and the customer lies at the core.

The Santana Cazorla Group places customers at the centre of its organisation, anticipating their future needs.

The Group is founded upon a solid and future-oriented business model that pursues the creation of value through four basic principles:

  • Benefit and profitability
  • Controlled business risks
  • Sustainable growth
  • Market leadership

The Group is aware that its strength comes from the excellence of its team; in order to promote personal and professional development, its actions are based on:

  • Guaranteeing equal opportunities
  • Continuous training
  • Developing of a dynamic and stimulating working environment
  • Reconciliation between work and family life

The Santana Cazorla Group believes that a close collaboration with providers is essential and the mutual benefits are long lasting. Following this principle, the Group has developed processes based on maximum efficiency for the selection of providers.

In this way, being a provider for the Santana Cazorla Group is equal to a guarantee of quality.

Society and the environment
From an environmental point of view, the objective is to apply a principle of concern and prevention, which involves the implementation of measures that avoid social and environmental problems. The idea is to be one step ahead of the possible harmful future effects that could result from any specific activity.

The Santana Cazorla Group creates voluntary mechanisms to adhere to environmental standards, with the aim of creating a balance between production and respect for the environment. The Group is committed to the reduction of waste production through staff training and the use of new technologies.